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Welcome to a one-of-a-kind virtual museum that chronicles ancient Indian history of Kamasutra with a fresh outlook as per the modern times.

The Kamaverse
NFT Contest!

A number of ancient artists have already left their mark in the Indian history through sculptures inspired by Kamasutra.

This can be your chance to create a piece of history in this modern digital world. We welcome you to use The Kamaverse as your canvas for your digital art.

Become a Featured Artist on Kamasutra

We are inviting artists to showcase their fresh and modern take on Kamasutra.

Create a modernistic yet contemporary art on the art of making love and watch your art create history in the digital, virtual world.

Stand a chance to be featured in the Kamaverse’s NFT gallery

How to Paricipate?

#MyKamaverseSelfie Contest!

Snap and win with your virtual selfie Get your selfie on the digital blockchain, forever!

Participate in the Kamaverse selfie contest! Flash and click your golden smile in the Metaverse
and stand a chance to get your avatar selfie minted as an NFT.

Get your avatar selfie minted as an NFT!

How to Paricipate?


The organisers of the event retain the right to kick/ban any user that is:

We want to create a safe space for the event and all its attendees to embrace the spirit of community and the metaverse.

Enjoy & Have Fun!