Opportunities in the Metaverse!

The Metaverse is a collection of 360° 3D virtual worlds, where people can interact with each other through their avatar. From international expos to weddings, anything can be done in this exciting new parallel world. This creates countless possibilities and is changing how we approach so many things.

So what are these “Opportunities” we are talking about?
Let’s check them out!

Digital Storefronts:
With multiple brands embracing digital storefronts in the metaverse from Samsung to Forever 21 it is clear that it’s the next big shift from offline to online storefronts. This blends technologies and creates an interesting mix of offline store experiences but in an online medium.

These allow consumers to physically interact with spaces and experiences created for them. From product launches to limited time drops. This helps brands add another bullet to their omnichannel arsenal.

With the integration of AI technologies have the advantage of being able to track a customer’s activity, purchase history, taste and demographic profile and use this data to provide new and more personalized clothes recommendations and encourage purchases.

Immersive Events:
The Metaverse greatly expands on the concept of gamification, which has now been widely adopted as a way to engage both customers and employees and, in the case of events, attendees.

This results in an increased ability for self-expression and creativity. After all, the metaverse offers practically unlimited ways for participants to create their virtual identities by way of customizable avatars. It is a fun and creative way to connect with customers.

Being physically present in the space of the event in avatar forms allows one to interact w other attendees like a physical event. From music festivals to press conferences, you can do it all!

Tickets as NFTs:
Either a virtual event or a physical one. You can distribute tickets in the form of NFTs. Tickets are a popular collector item with many attendees collecting ticket stubs as memorabilia. NFT, tickets allows individuals to keep their tickets in their wallets to keep or sell.

Unlockables in NFTs:
NFTs give the creator the ability to add unlockables in the form of links. These links can be to high-res images, full-length videos, a physical copy or print of the artwork, or an off-chain link to Google drive, Dropbox, etc.

This incentivises users to purchase NFT tickets instead of digital or physical ones. As a brand, a limited NFT collection can also create an exclusive and loyal fan base giving NFT holders special rewards and early access to product launches.

Digital Collectables:
With the rise of Metaverses like Decentraland, Horizon etc, digital fashion and collectables are all the hype. From clothes, shoes, watches and even entire outfits, the metaverse has it all. With entire business models based on cosmetic sales (Fortnite, Roblox etc) it is clear that audiences are very into avatar customization.

Many fashion brands like Nike, Ralph Lauren, Gucci, and Louis Vuitton are exploring opportunities in the Metaverse with digital fashion collectables.

So, what are you waiting for? Enter the web 3.0 with Meta-events and capitalize on the opportunities! Don’t be a laggard, be an early adopter.

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