After developing India’s first award show in the metaverse we are hungry for more. 

Events in the metaverse are a great way to bridge the line between physical and virtual worlds. One minute you are staring at a boring screen with some 30 odd windows (none of which have their cameras on) to an exciting 3D world full of endless possibilities.

– Avatars that reflect you or your imagination
– Interactive 3D elements and environments
– Large scale networking in special spaces

Developing for the metaverse requires a team with multidisciplinary skills. Our team consists of 3D architects, designers, event managers, blockchain developers and strategists to help you execute your vision in the metaverse. And we have it all!

Sounds exciting right! But what is the metaverse?

In the simplest terms, the metaverse refers to a persistent and immersive 3D environment that makes extensive use of new and emerging technologies like virtual and augmented reality. It aims to take people beyond the screen and into virtual worlds.

All kinds of traditional events are going into the metaverse.
– Expos
– Webinars
– Music Events
– Even weddings!
– And a lot more…

So, have we got you excited to enter the metaverse? 

If yes, send us a mail at

If not, drop in your query and we will show you how cool it is. 

Maybe a visit to our very own meta-office?
This one’s for the next blog though 😉

Hoping to see you in the metaverse soon!

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